Due: Thurs. Feb 10, class time

Now that we have begun using the heat sealing tools, we would like you to explore the different kinds of pneumatic actuators you can make using different patterns of welds in plastic sheeting. This is both skill-building practice and a creative technical design experiment.

We would like you to make three samples: one which replicates an existing example, one which varies or extends an example, and one which tries to produce an entirely new motion.

We’d then like you to write up a ‘recipe’ for the most successful innovation. These contributions will be the building blocks for our future works as we collect a sourcebook of actuator designs. Please iterate the recipe design a few times to test the process thoroughly.

There are many movement potentials possible by varying the structure of the actuator welds. Some of the categories are:

  • Opening and closing (hinge)
  • Twisting
  • Shortening and lengthening
  • Curving
  • One with static vs. elastic portions
  • Folding (variety of ways)
  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Spinning

Deliverables.  Please write a post on the course blog with the following:

  • brief videos showing the movement of your three samples
  • a ‘recipe’ for your most successful design which includes a fabrication diagram sufficient for another person to replicate it, with instructions and supporting images as needed