April 5, 2022, 12:20PM to 2:10PM

Welcome! Today groups will present their work so far and we will make plans for our next steps.


The deadlines and deliverables for the final performance project are outlined on the project brief.

In Class

  1. We will collect groups’ materials needs and timeline worksheet. This will be the outline of benchmarks for us to check our progress on.
  2. Today students will show their performable prototypes. Below are the goals outlined at our last class.
    • The goals of this benchmark presentation is for the projects to have enough concepts resolved and technical elements working to be presented as a standalone mini-performance. This includes the following:
      • wearing it if it is intended to be worn
      • working autonomously if it is intended to be independent
      • moving as intended
      • changing over time as intended
      • using as many of the actual final materials as possible
    • i.e., it should be a piece which could go into a live show, even if you will continue to expand the scale, complexity, and choreography and further refine the aesthetic presentation.
  3. In class students will also share what their next benchmark is for next class, Tuesday, April 12.


  1. Complete the work that your team outlined for your next benchmark for Tuesday, April 12.