Mar. 17, 2022, 12:20PM to 2:10PM

Welcome! Today we will share our brainstorming and learn to do smocking.


Any announcements?

Looking Ahead

  • (Smocking)
  • (Laser welding)
  • (Start project, with interspersed topical workshops.)

Brainstorming review

We will spend the first half of class going over the sketches.

We will then ask everyone to write a partner preferences ballot. Please write your name, then your top two choices for partner and top two choices for project topic.


  • Slideshow of Smocking
  • Hands-On Demo
    • We will learn how to smock in class using fabric that has been prepared with laser cuts and marks.
    • Supplies we will use: fabric, needle, thread.

Tutorials for honeycomb smocking:

Craft Atlas


If you were unable to finish the individual brainstorming sketches, please finish them by Tuesday.

We will be emailing out project partnerships within the next day. Please make contact with your partner, schedule a meeting, and draw up some new brainstorming sketches which reflect your mutual interests.