Mar. 3, 2022, 12:20PM to 2:10PM

Welcome! Today we will look at your symbiotes and then create an improvised kinetic sculpture together as a class.


Any announcements?

Looking Ahead

  • (Spring Break.)
  • (Start project, with interspersed topical workshops.)


  • In class we will look at the Symbiotes you have made.

Improvised Kinetic Sculpture

  • We will use most of class to create a collaborative kinetic sculpture – as if we were presenting it to an audience.
  • What are the ingredients of an exhibition or performance?
  • Here are some of the elements we can use for our improvised kinetic sculpture:
    • Space: Studio A, A5, or A4
    • Lights: LED spot lights
    • Kinetics: parts and pieces from your previous works or from items created quickly in class.
    • Timeline: How are we to experience this kinetic sculpture? Does it perform a defined set of actions that we need to see in sequence? Is it something we experience at anytime?
  • You and your group will have 45 minutes to create your kinetic sculpture.
  • We will discuss the process and outcome as a group, reflecting upon what we have experienced and learned.


No formal assignment over break. But please keep daydreaming about performance as you can.