Due: Thu Mar 3, class time


You will work with a partner to create an autonomous performance.

For this assignment, we would like you to create an emotive, pneumatic mechanism that has a symbiotic relationship with the body. A symbiote, for our purposes, is a pneumatic and fabric mechanism that lives complementarily with another organism. The complementary symbiote moves with the organism but also may have a movement of its own. The symbiote may move mirroring the organism or it might move with an entirely different movement from that of the organism. The symbiote and the organism co-habit in space giving each other additional capabilities – those capabilities may be expressive, exaggerating, practical, uncanny, illogical, divergent, useful.

This assignment should bring together the multiple elements that we have explored in class, including:

  • Circuit Playground & Crickit
  • electronic pneumatic pump
  • your custom pneumatic devices
  • your vest (as support for your components)
  • fabric

Create a 30-60 second interaction with your symbiote that you and/or your partner can perform.

Deliverables.  Please write a post on the course blog with the following:

  • brief videos* showing a performance of you with your symbiote.
  • a brief statement for each explaining the intent, notable successes, and informative failures.

* Please give consideration to the backdrop to your performance video so that it is as least distracting as possible (meaning, unless the site is specific to your performance, please make sure you have a blank background so we can easily see you and your symbiote).