Yumeng Zhuang

Überorgan is a massive installation of air balloons with horns whose notes are blown according to a 200 ft roll of custom code on paper.


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What feature of the work could we specifically evolve into a technique for wearable kinetic sculpture or costume?

Air is used both for inflation and for generating sounds with the horns, which is helpful for reducing number of physical inputs.

What details of the artist or concept are not immediately apparent and how do they inform the work?

It is not apparent how this installation is built and rebuilt across different spaces and adapting to different buildings, but I think its freeform nature may benefit from the need of adaptation and provide unexpected results upon installation.

Original Überorgan installation in MassMOCA in 2001
Überorgan in New York City in 2005. It looks very different to me.

Are there closely related works?

“Masayume” by the artist collective 目[mé] (2019-21) for the Tokyo Olympics


I found a lot of inflatable sculptures, but I think this one is related to Überorgan because of its scale and the eerie feeling it elicits. Überorgan can refer to the musical instrument organ, but it is also reminiscent of human organs. Masayume is less abstract, but both of them as blown up human parts lead me to see the powerful association I make between my body and alien objects.