I saw this project as a two-part question of figuring out the fabric and the movement.

For the first one, I wanted to focus on the fabric and think about what fabric that I have so much affection that I want to give life to. As an avid sock collector, I decided to give my favorite sock a life, a volume. I traced the shape of the sock and simply made a sock/foot shaped inflatable.  If I had more time and the capability to make more intricate design, I would like to make individual toes so I can make a wiggling motion inside the sock.

For the next one, I focused on the motion. I wanted to simulate the act of sneezing and the following movement of an handkerchief blowing. I realized that based on how fast I blow the actuator, I could also emulate the movement of blowing a nose, which is a more slow and steady movement. I attached to different size cardboards on the hinge to push the handkerchief. Using the handkerchief and a short straw, I wanted to hide the actuator and make the motion as natural as possible. 

Coming off from the second one, I wanted to continue the use of handkerchief, which I find quite charming, and come up with another motion attached to the fabric. So I recreated the motion of waving a handkerchief. I wanted to make the handkerchief move in a frantic way, similar to how one might wave a handkerchief to say goodbye to a loved one 100 years ago. I added a dowel to extend the reach to make bigger wave and applied air above so I can move the fabric side to side.