Carolyn Youstra


Structure cardboard flap with pneumatic hinge

Materials cardboard, plastic bag, straw, duct tape, fabric

The goal of this design was to make an organic material flow that resembled a weeping willow. To create the back and forth movement, a rubber band was used to bring the flaps together again.

Beating Butterfly

Structure plastic air pockets

Materials plastic bag, straws, duct tape

The goal of this design was originally to make a beating heart, with 2 chambers that could beat independent of one another. After the initial construction, it resembled a butterfly more in the way the chambers lifted off the table as air filled the pockets.

A hello.

Structure single plastic air pocket

Materials plastic bag, straws, duct tape, glove

The goal of this design was inspired by the Baymax’s trajectory as they inflate out of their charging station. The skeleton that resembled a hand was first assembled, and then placed inside the glove. The fingers do not noticeably inflate very much, which was then investigated in the skeleton demo down below (the palm pocket of air filled up far more than the fingers). A better anatomical study may have been done to better simulate bringing volume to a hand-like inflatable.

Baymax’s Hello, Inspiration
Skeleton of “a hello”.