Sample 1

For my first sample, I decided to start with something simple. I made an air pouch and taped eyeglass straps to it. Quickly inflating and deflating the pouch made the dangling parts of the straps wiggle, which is what I was trying to achieve. An unexpected result was that there was some vertical movement as well. The straps weighed down one end of the pouch, since only one side was supported by the straw, so when the pouch inflated it lifted the straps a bit.

Sample 2

In my second example, I wanted to experiment with rotational movement that could be created with the pouch. Initials I taped two pieces of flat cardboard to the pouch. I taped them in multiple positions to see how that would affect the movement of the cardboard when the pouch was inflated. Some positions created more linear movement or barely moved the cardboard at all. I then added two additional pieces of cardboard onto the original cardboard to create a sort of mouth shape, and placed it under a face mask to make it sort of look like a mouth was talking under the mask.

Sample 3

My original idea for sample 3 was to have a pouch that slowly inflates and deflates under a hat to sort of look like the hat was breathing. After creating the initial pouch, I thought it could be interesting to have hard objects jutting out of the pouch to press on the sides of the hat to make different shapes. I tapes pencils and pieces of cardboard to the pouch, observing how this impacted the shape of the hat between additions. The final product sort of looks like there is something inside the hat stretching outward, maybe trying to escape.