I started by looking around my house for inspiration for objects to animate and originally wanted to animate a sparkly piece of fabric, but found that it was too heavy to get the effect I wanted. I ended up pivoting and using a bow I had to try and “transform” it into a butterfly taking flight. I then found a roll of bubble wrap and was intrigued at the idea of animating that since it is already filled with air. I was trying to make it seem like the bubble wrap was breathing with a steady up and down motion. For my third animation I decided to try and animate a garment that we have on a mannequin in my house. I thought it would be interesting to literally try to make it seem like the garment had a person inside by moving one sleeve.

Animation 1: Butterfly taking flight

Hinge used for the butterfly animation. I used longer slats and a longer tube to create a more subtle motion.

Animation 2: Bubble wrap

Hinge used for the bubble wrap. I used a shorter hinge and attached the tube halfway down the slats to try and get a larger motion while still keeping it on the smaller side.

Animation 3: Person

Hinge used for the person animation. I used different lengths and widths of slats to get the strength I needed to raise the sleeve.