The samples evolve from three operation words:

“tumbling”, “ blossoming” and “expanding”.

Starting with the operation word “tumbling’, I experiment with attaching inflatables on a rolled paper. Taking inspiration from living creatures and patterns of ocean waves, the breath-powered machine rolls both inward and outward. I am looking forward to redesigning it to enable it to curl several times instead of one.

The second iteration explores the reflective characters of the fabric with the motion of blossom. When the machine is enclosed, we can see the cardboard. As the machine unfolds, the reflective fabric is exposed. I can imagine this applied on an autonomous pavilion that reshape itself as the UV level spikes up.

Further experimenting with folding, I play with geometries in folding techniques. The third pneumatic hinge allows the paper to unfurl from its flat shape into more volume. The pattern of the paper guides the light chiffon material to move in a flowing way.

bottom:final samples