Garment as A Home

Imagining garments as the smallest scale of architecture, I start with a more enclosed silhouettes which is like a self-contained tent dress. It is about feeling shielded and clean, taking ideas from the boundaries of indoors and outdoors. With pneumatic actuators, it is able to create different levels of volume that transform itself to structure but in a soft and puffy manner. Another set of sensors can be installed to detect the people nearby which trigger ripples of light on the fabric.

Cushicle and Suitaloon by Archigram

Power Move

Consisting of two materials, shape memory fabric and inflatables, the piece presents as a parody of gender that brings attention to specific body parts such as biceps and six packs. Users are able to sculpt the body part by pushing in or protruding out exaggerated volumes. I want to find a way to emphasize how extensions on bodies transform the way one occupies or experiences a space.

Performative Loom

The machine tights different parts of knitting loom to body parts intricately. As the body creates movement, weaving motion begins in set motifs. The user connects the actuators to their arms, legs or belt to produce a rotating or straight line pattern.Multiple people can participate in the installation.

Elemental Beings: Drawing Machine by Selin Cebel