Carolyn Youstra

aeroMorph Pyramid (Existing Example)

Who knows what it is… (My own design!)

“The claw that actually works” (Extended Example):

i can pass the salt myself now…thank you


  1. On a double sided plastic sheet, trace out an 11″ x 2″ rectangle
  2. Mark the center of the rectangle (hamburger style, 5.5″ from the end), and draw out a 2″ x 2″ center square. Then, proceed to make even, 0.75″ tick marks from the center to the end on both edges of the length of the rectangle.
  3. On each side of the center square, draw a discontinuous 0.75″ line on each side that has a 0.5″ break in the middle (perpendicular to the length of the rectangle).
  4. Mark the center of the 2″ x 2″ square
  5. Fold only one sheet of the double layered plastic into quarters, the point located on the center of the 2″ x 2″ square from step 4. Cut a very small hole on the center point.
  6. Twist the fastener into the plastic, while screwing into the fastening nut that you have placed in between the plastic sheets.
  7. Cut an 11″ x 0.5″ strip of thick construction paper, and tape it down the center of the plastic rectangle (lengthwise). It should align with the 0.5″ gap you left while drawing the seams. This will block the heat sealing along the center.
  8. Use an impulse sealing machine to first create the hinges of the mechanism. When you do this, ensure that the construction paper strip is touching the heated part of the impulse sealing machine.
  9. Remove the construction paper block, and fully seal the two ends of the long rectangle pouch.
  10. Fully seal the long edges of the rectangle.
  11. Trim the edges (leave about 1/16″ around the seal borders!) of the rectangle.
  12. Cut 2, 11″ x 1″ strips of plastic.
  13. Tape strips of plastic on the center and down the length of either side of the rectangle. This will be used as reinforcement to direct the folding.
  14. Insert your hanp pump +tubing assembly, and enjoy!