• cube design by aeromorph

I followed aeromorph’s cube design for my first sample. I used solder for the entire sealing, and that seems to have caused a hole somewhere that is keeping the planes from fully folding.

  • snowflakes?

For the second sample, I wanted to continue exploring the folding motion so I created a snowflake-like shape that consists of six pentagons.

  • blossoming flower

For the final sample, I wanted to continue exploring the folding motion, so I decided to make a flower with moving petals. Throughout the iterations, there was always one petal that did not move as others. Creating this, I also realized that in order to mimic the blossoming motion, the sample had to deflate instead of inflating. This was a shift of perception for me, and I want to think further about this.

How to make moving snowflake

You will need…

  1. plastic film
  2. solder iron
  3. bamboo stick (or any wooden ruler)
  4. sharpie
  5. parchment paper


  1. Create the design on a plastic film.

First, draw a pentagon in the middle and then add pentagons to each side. Then, create small hinges on every edge of the pentagon.

2. Make a small hole on the top layer of the plastic on the middle of central pentagon and put the barb fitting through the hole and tighten the nut beneath the layer.

2. Use a soldering iron to trace the lines.

Turn on the soldering iron and heat it up to 330 degrees. Place a parchment paper on top of the plastic film to protect the plastic. Use the wooden stick as a ruler for guidance.

3. Cut out the edge of the soldered film.

4. Connect the pump onto the barb.