Assignment 5 – Michelle Murray 2/10/22

Here is a preview of the three samples I have decided to submit for this assignment:

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Sample 1

I decided to replicate the Aeromorph’s cube design for my existing sample. I used plastic film, sharpie, and the soldering iron for the sealing.

Cube Design Video

Sample 2

My second design extends off of the previous cube design. This example utilizes a folding octagon shape (extending off of the folding cube).

Octagonal Reference Image

How to make Octagonal Prism Design:


  1. plastic film
  2. soldering iron
  3. sharpie
  4. parchment paper
  5. brown paper
  6. barb fitting screw nut
  7. air pump and tube
  8. tape (optional)


  1. draw design on plastic film using the reference image above. Add diamonds to each hing location, as shown in the sample.
  2. make a small hole in the center of the top layer of plastic so that the barb fitting and screw nut can fit inside and tighten.
  3. place the parchment paper on top of the plastic film, which is resting on top of the brown paper. Turn on the soldering iron to 280-330 degrees. The parchement paper protects the plastic film from burning.
  4. trace the sharpie lines through the parchment paper moving at a slow and controlled motion. You can double check and re-solder if necessary.
  5. once finished, cut out the shape and the excess material.
  6. connect the tube and air pump to the barb, pump air into the octagon, and identify any holes or air leaks. re-solder again and worst case, use tape to patch holes.

Sample 3

I was inspired by a design I discovered while conducting my initial research. A pneumatic vest had a pattern similar to my sample. I was curious to see how it would inflate, shrink, or grow.

New Motion Attempts that failed: