1: Aeromorph triangle

This sample a was based off of an Aeromorph actuator.


To create this, I first drew the above pattern. Then I used the heat press to press each rectangle pocket, masking when needed. Then I inserted the connector. Finally, I pressed the outside edges of the triangle.

2: Curling shrimp

This sample was based on Olivia’s demonstration in class when she used a stiff piece of folded plastic to control the way the shape curved. I tried used the same technique but at a larger scale, with part of the piece not backed up using the stiff part.

First I folded up a piece of plastic about 4 times. Then I pressed each long edge onto another piece of plastic. I inserted cardboard masks and pressed horizontally to make pockets.

3: Flower Petal

For this sample, I wanted to try putting on piece of plastic in between another piece of plastic and then press. I originally was going to make a flower with 3 petals but ended up just making a successful flower with a single petal. I inserted the cardboard masking in between all the layers instead of at the bottom, which allowed the outside layer to fuse to the inside layer but still allow a slot in the internal part of the structure.