The Breathing Dress

We wanted to make something that pushes out the dress when inflated. We added the triangle design to one end to mimic a claw and diamond hinges to allow it to bend over.

Success: the dress got pushed outwards and the diamond hinges work

Failure: the main pocket inflates too much that it makes the movement of the triangle area hard to see. The triangle pockets on the end also take a long time to inflate. In the future, we might consider sealing parts of the main pocket so that it does not get too big.

Anchor Arms

The original idea for my parasite was that it would pull on a piece of clothing, like my hood. However, I found it difficult to attach the pouch to my hood so that it could really pull on it. Sophia and I tried using tape and pins, but neither was really effective.

Even though the pouch didn’t really pull on my hood, it scrunch up and make it look sort of like something was puffing up and slithering under my hood. I moved the pouch to the upper arm of my jacket, and the movement was more pronounced. Below are pictures of the pouch.