The 2 Phases

Carolyn’s Parasite: The Cloud

How it exploits the human body: Takes away sight and direction, constrains the neck and blocks view, claustrophobia-inducing

What feeds the parasite: Moving/ walking. As the host walks further, the parasite continues to grow (1 pump for each foot).

Host is not aware until the parasite takes over. Slowly detrimental to host

Notable Successes: Plastic bag actuation alone

Notable Failures: Type of cloth to pair as the ‘hood’.


Ethan: Muzzle

How it exploits the human body: Targets sight, taste, and smell, constrains the neck/ breathing, creates confusion/ panic

What feeds the parasite: Breathing. In theory, the parasite will use the breath of the host to stay secured to maintain access to sustenance.

Host awareness/ negative impact of the parasite are immediately explicit.

Notable Successes: Manipulation of pouches and heat sealing to create specific motion/ action

Notable Failures: Integration of fabric/ actuated fabric behavior