We chose to make parasites that wrapped around the leg and were powered by the foot stepping onto the parasite. The wearer can feel the parasite squeeze as they walk. The idea is that the parasite is taking energy from the wearer to inflate itself as its host is traveling through the world. We were inspired by Carolyn’s idea of the pumping shoes.

Jasmine’s Video

I used the multi pouch technique to create a series of small pouches that when inflated, would curl inwards. I created a sleeve out of the shiny orange material and then inserted the pouch in the material. While I hoped that the lumpy shape of the pouches would show through a little better, the movement/pulsing is still there. Also ,I found that the weight of stepping onto the valve didn’t produce as prominent as an effect as squeezing the valve. I think that if the device could be assisted by a motorized pump, it would enhance the effect.

Grace’s Video

I used the helix technique to create a spiral that wrapped around my leg and used the same orange shiny material to create fringe. I was inspired by a constrictor snake. I found that stepping on the pump did not produce a sufficient volume of air to inflate the entire parasite, so I used my hand to activate the pump. There was some constricting movement, the effect was subtle and did not move the fabric as much as I would have liked.