We were inspired by Medusa to create an interactive snake-like symbiote on top of a person’s head. When the wearer’s head is tilted forward, the snakes curl up and lift up their heads, as if preparing to strike.

We managed to use a headband to make a relatively seamless attachment mechanism to put the symbiote on someone’s head. The coding process also went smoothly. We combined the tilt sensing code and the toggle motor code to create a tilt activated system. The only small hiccup was when we forgot to import one of the libraries and it took us a couple minutes to notice.

We’re happy with the overall effect, as it is both dramatic yet organic in motion. The air escaping to reset the system even sounds similar to a snake hissing. A possible next step could be to make even more snakes to achieve an even more Medusa like effect.

Symbiote before activation
Symbiote during activation
Symbiote during activation (side view)