Interested in exploring head-covering garments and intuitive interaction, our “symbiote” rests on the shoulders, and extends to provide cover when prompted by the “host”. Utilizing data from the accelerometer, we are able to determine when the user leans forward or backwards, prompting inflation of the diamond-fold pneumatic pouches and moving the hood over head.

The pneumatic pouch is located on the front pieces of the vest, underneath the shoulder seam of the vest.


Materials: wire, light weight fabric tulle, 

Motion: The head piece takes after the same motion as the host, following the forward lean and propelling itself over the head of the user.


  • Synthesis of multiple ideas/ materials
  • Movement of hood over head in response to user motion


  • Leaning is naturally imprecise, making it difficult to control exact level of inflation
  • Pneumatic pouches are pinned on the vest- fabric-integrated pouches can be sewn directly on the vest to stabilize overall construction