After meeting to discuss our final project we came up with some preliminary ideas:

  • Combination of opening flowers + lighting up spiders
  • Using the air coming out of the tuba to power inflatables on the rim 
  • Pressure sensors at the keys to power inflatables on the tuba

In order to come up with more concrete ideas, we decided that each member should come up with their own sketches of potential project ideas. In the end, we will combine all three ideas into one concrete final project.


For my design, I wanted to keep my previous idea of manipulating the shoulder/arm to have this elegant wind like feeling. Previously, I was thinking that when the player is resting the actuation will be triggered but for this iteration, I was focusing on the pressure of when the keys being pressed to be the trigger.


For my design, I decided to keep the flowers from one of my previous brainstorming ideas but I wanted to think of a different method of activation to inflate the flowers. In this idea, there are soft touch sensors that act like buttons on the valves of the Tuba, and different flowers are activated to inflate for each valve. This way as the Tubas play different notes, different flowers will inflate and deflate.


For my design, I focused on using the air coming out of the tuba as the activating factor. To achieve this you would put a piece of fabric in the middle of the tuba opening suspended by tension sensors. When the tuba is played, it would pull on the threads and that would activate pneumatics which would be found around the opening of the tuba. I imagine the pneumatic actuators to be shaped like flowers so that they look like they are blooming when they inflate.