As a group, we wanted to develop an angelic alien like spine inflatable. Compared to our previous ideations, we want to focus the inflatable to be on the spine of the user. Our wearable focuses on making it beautiful but still slightly uncomfortable and grotesque than usual.

  • Base state will be ambient motion
    • Considerations: Breathing, opening in and out of the wings
  • Triggered state are in consideration — have further discussion with our musician
    • Considerations: Sound, breath, head movement, bending over/leaning

03/24 Feedback:

  • Focus more on the visual affect
  • Understand how to create the motion and how it will be affected based on lighting and other visual manipulations
  • The trigger state does not have to be completely visible to the audience (we could press a button to start)
  • Spine – mounting point
    • Drawing a lot of attention to the spine
    • could be more integrated to connect the spine and the wings
    • actuation goes on the back for most wings
    • If the spine was contracting bigger and longer –> then it can couple out to the other fabric and manipulate the wing
    • Looking into overlapping plates
    • Pull on a lever to create the pivot onto a longer wire to connect the nuematic structure
  • Action is going to be most difficult so focus on that right now
    • Sketch out the mechanics and then talk with Garth to see if it is feasible
    • Need to anchor on the body so figure out spine questions