We decided to make a vest where the cape connects so that the wearer will not have to tie the cape to his neck. We also made progress in two areas: making and chaining two eyeball pouches in a sequence; using proximity sensor to trigger the eyeball.


To make the vest, we took measurements of Hunter (our tuba player) and made a pattern. We then decided to use canvas material and cut out the pieces for the vest and cape. Because the cape is large, we wanted the vest to be slightly tighter. We will be meeting with Hunter for him to try on the vest and see whether or not we need to make adjustments to it.

Eyeball Chain

This prototype explores activating two eyeballs with a single motor.

These two pouches are larger than the first one because the bowls we got are deeper. One of them measures 5 seconds of inflate time, the other one measures 4 seconds. When chained together, the first (5s) one inflates first, then the second one, but the total time is exactly 9 seconds.

We think it would be good to keep track of all the volumes in seconds of all the pouches we make.

Proximity Sensing

We would like to use a proximity sensor to sense human movement near the eyeballs. The effect would be that the eyeballs pop out to look at intruders.


The eyeballs can inflate as programmed, at the programmed rate.

The proximity sensor does capture my movement.


The proximity sensor is not very reliable and it is unclear to me what range of motion it detects. I will try to tune the sensor for future use.