Mar. 22, 2022, 12:20PM to 2:10PM

Welcome! Today we will share our ideas, have a visit from some tuba players, and learn to do shibori.


Any announcements?

Looking Ahead

  • (Shibori)
  • (Laser welding)
  • (Start project, with interspersed topical workshops.)

Tuba Player Visit

Today two tuba players will pay us a visit. They will play a little for us and we can think about how to integrate our work onto them or their instruments. The tuba band will also visit on March 31 during class.

Proposed Ideas Review

Each group will share their ideas for the final project.

Shibori – heat-shaping and dyeing silk & polyester

This class you will be shown a number of techniques to bind silk or polyester so that when they are heated they retain their bound shape. Silk and polyester are the best fabrics for this process. After it is heated (while it is bound), silk will retain its shape until it comes in contact with water. Polyester (after it is heated while bound) will retain its shape until it is heated again, even after being wet.

Today: Binding techniques

Thursday: Heating and dyeing


For Thurs, 3/24: Finish binding your silk and polyester cloths to use in class on Thursday.