Crit #3: Vision Impaired Evacuation Demo


To users unfamiliar with buildingĀ  and who may be visually impaired, exiting a building during an emergency can be hazardous and confusing. Most of the time, exits are signaled by glowing “EXIT” signs with symbols next to them. How can users exit a building in a calm and organized fashion?


A tactile and auditory guidance system based on sensing user location would afford the visually impaired and those unfamiliar with there surroundings a sense of direction in the case of an alarm going off. Sequenced vibrations would lead users to speakers, which would continue to give users instructions, leading to the building exit.

Proof of Concept

A series of sensors (or pushbuttons in this case) indicate checkpoints that trigger the exit path. An array of tactors allow the users to feel directioned vibrations in there feat (or arms if it were attached to something akin to a guiderail). At a checkpoint, a speaker would play a prerecorded message, instructing users as where to go next.



Author: Warren Glasner

I'm a web developer, 3D prototyper, and UX researcher. I have experience in Rhino, Solidworks, Fusion360, AutoCAD, and various vector image design softwares. I'm really excited by 3D printing and prototyping and am always looking for new ways to build things.

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