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Times: Mon/Wed, 1:25-4:15pm, August 30 – December 1, 2021
Location: Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CFA-111
Professor Golan Levin, School of Art & IDeATe Program

This is an advanced studio course in experimental drawing, generative art, computational design, and mechatronic mishegas. Working at the boundaries of code, automation, physical materials, and gestural mark-making, we will explore personal and peculiar new approaches to digital fabrication; the development of ultra-niche workflows as a mode of creative practice; and the use of algorithms and machine collaborators as nontraditional intermediaries between mind, hand, and paper.

Unit Topics

  1. Drawing Machines
  2. Introductory Tooling
  3. Exercises with Lines
  4. Hatching and Fills
  5. Shapes and Clipping
  6. Pattern (Tiling, symmetries, Truchet logics)
  7. Texture (Distribution, flows, biomorphic algorithms)
  8. Student Choice: Asemic / Real-Time / Multiples
  9. Material Conditions