Danova-Progress update, skirt with pockets

I wanted to test out my patterning of the skirt with pockets, so I made a muslin mockup. I like how the pockets turned out but i think I will make the pocket bag bigger than the standard size for my final piece. My waistband fabric cover was also too short to go entirely around my waist but the gist of the garment is there. It took a lot longer than I expected but I like the general shape of the skirt and the way the pockets lay.

Sewing Samples #5- Danova

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Danova- Samples #3

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Danova-Slopers, fitted

One of my main issues with my garment top was that the darts in the bodice were much too long, I realized I had measured wrongly, so I shortened the darts in to front and back of the bodice- this fixed a lot of the issues with the bodice overall. I also adjusted the lower back of the bodice, and for the sleeves I took a slice out of the sleeve, making them smaller and re-sewing them closed, and cut a little shorter in length so that they fit properly. For the trousers, I slimmed down the legs as much as possible, bringing in that outer seam to make them fit the legs more tightly. I also scooped out the curved part of the front and back seam on the trouser, which really helped the crotch/butt area fit more closely, and making the pants sit a little lower and more comfortably on my waistline.