Hand Sewing Samples Set – due 3/1

due: Mar. 1


I have divided the techniques into two tracks: Beginner and Advanced. Choose your “track” below and complete those techniques.

If you are an Intermediate (neither a Beginner nor Advanced) and unsure which track to follow, take a look at a few of the videos listed in the Advanced track. If those are challenging to understand then do the beginner track. Both have excellent techniques to learn that will cover the basics you will need in this class.

Homework Submission

When you are finished: create a blog post to the class website with scans or clear photographs of your hand sewing samples. Categorize this blog post under “Hand Sewing Sample Set” (listed with Samples). It will be important that all the samples are easily visible from your images.


Beginner Samples List

You will need 3 pieces of your muslin fabric cut at 6″x6″. For each technique below, make one full row. Follow along the below videos as they demonstrate eight hand sewing techniques.

  1. Hand Sewing Introduction Demonstration – video by Natalya Pinchuk (basting stitch, tiny running stitch, backstitch, overcast, blanket, appliqué)
  2. Hem Slip Stitch or Ladder Stitch  
  3. Hem Whip Stitch (similar to Blindstitch)

Advanced Samples List

Do all of the following samples on one 8″ x 16″ piece of muslin fabric. For each technique below, make one row. Follow along the videos as they demonstrate 11 hand sewing techniques. All videos below are made by Melanie Lester.

Reference Book: Sewing for the Apparel Industry by Claire Shaeffer (Available online through Hunt Library). These hand sewing techniques can be found in this book starting on pg. 506.

  1. Hand Sewing Set Up & Waste Knot (pg. 506)- Begin each row with a waste knot on the thread. This is the only technique that will not be its own row.
  2. Figure-eight Knot (pg. 506)
  3. Overhand Tailor’s Knot (pg. 506)
  4. Backstitch (Full Backstitch or Pickstitch) (pg. 507)
  5. Basting Stitches: Even Basting (pg. 508)
  6. Blanket Stitch (pg. 509)
  7. Blindstitch (Blind Hem or Tailor’s Hem) (pg. 509)
  8. Forward Stitch (Running Stitch) (pg. 512)
  9. Slipstitch (Ladder Stitch) (pg. 513)
  10. Catchstitch (pg. 510)
  11. Threadbar Chain (pg. 514)
  12. You are welcome to do any other stitches on Melanie’s Hand Sewing playlist as well.