Full Garment

This assignment brings together all of the learning we have done semester and applies it to one culminating garment. It has many phases, during which you will design or pick out, analyze, pattern, and sew one garment. You will receive feedback throughout each step of the process.

Brief Steps:

  1. Design or Find one garment that you would like to create by the end of the semester.
  2. Use your sloper pattern to create a general pattern of your garment.
  3. Then pattern any finishings, such as collars, pockets, waistbands, cuffs, etc.
  4. Cut and sew your full garment.
  5. Do any minor adjustments for fit.



ProcessDue DateEst. Time
Draw & Sketch Ideas/ Find Garment4/72-4 hours
Pattern Garment4/194-6 hours
Purchase Fabric4/263-4 hours
Cut, Sew, & Fit Garment5/3 or 5/1212-20 hours