March 10 – Class 12


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  • Demo: Sewing Machine Sewing
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  • Sewing Machine Return Requests from IDeATe staff:

Please ask students:

  • to not leave unprotected needles and pins floating around in the case or in the case pouches.  Use the included small, plastic tube for spare sewing machine needles.  Pins and hand sewing needles should not be returned with sewing machines. 
  • to wind up the foot pedal cord and strap it together with the attached velcro in the same way as when the machine is received from us.
  • to unspool small amounts of thread from bobbins to help keep them from becoming a tangled mass of thread inside of the pouch. 
  • to, whenever possible, protect spool pins by either retracting them (Brother) or detaching and storing in the pouch (Janome).
  • to be upfront about any issues or breakage with the machine.  Unless it’s a clear case of abuse, students won’t be charged for repairs.  We just don’t want a broken machine going back out.

In-Class Demonstrations

  • Beginner In Class Workshop
  • Samples:
    • Straight seam
    • Convex & Concave seams
    • Long Straight Seam
    • Curved fabric edge to straight fabric edge


Sewing Machine Manuals

Helpful Beginner Videos

Sewing Book

Reference Book: Sewing for the Apparel Industry by Claire Shaeffer (Available online through Hunt Library).


The following are due by the beginning of class, Mon., Mar. 15:

  1. Complete Sewing Sample Set #2 assignment.
  2. Complete the full scale draft of the Trousers Sloper. Upload photographs of the Full Size Trouser Sloper to the course website, categorized under “Sloper Blocks”.
  3. Bring to next class: