Sewing Samples Set #5 – due 4/26

due: April 26

List of samples to complete

  1. Sample #1 – Machine Buttonhole and Button (Sew Through)
  2. Sample #2 – Slot Zipper with Waistband
  3. Choose one of the pocket samples, either: Sample #4 Side Seam Pocket or Sample #5 Front Pockets
  4. (Optional) #3 – Fly Zipper

The videos are either by Melanie Lester or Olivia Robinson.

Reference Book: Sewing for the Apparel Industry by Claire Shaeffer (Available online through Hunt Library). The sewing techniques can be found in this book. Page numbers listed below refer to pages in this book with instructions for each technique.

Homework Submission

When you are finished: create a blog post to the class website with scans or clear photographs of your machine sewing samples. Please make sure the photos are uploaded as “Tiles”. Categorize this blog post under “Sewing Sample – Set 5” (listed under Samples). It will be important that all the samples are easily visible from your images.

Sewing Samples Instructions

Folder of Pattern Pieces

Link to open instruction sheet here.