Materials for the Course


As a student in this course (99-361A), you will receive a special materials package that is free of charge for you. If you are in Pittsburgh, you can pick up your materials package from the school store starting the second week of school. If you are not in Pittsburgh, let me know asap to arrange for IDeATe staff to mail you the materials package to you.

Everyone will need their materials package starting the third week of school.

Please also send a big thank you to IDeATe staff for all the hard work of putting the packages together (it was a huge project over winter break)!


  1. A journal or paper to take notes and make drawings in.
  2. Pencils, sharpies.
  3. Calculator
  4. A can of Great Stuff **
  5. A long, non-baggy tee shirt that can be cut and thrown away
  6. Scissors (for use until Material Kit arrives)
  7. Iron and something to iron on (ironing board or towel on a table)
  8. Fabric for your final project

**If you are in Pittsburgh, you can pick one up from IDeATe (I’ll cover how in class). Unfortunately, this is an item that cannot be shipped because of CMU shipping rules so we can only provide it for people in Pittsburgh.

Print outs

  1. There are a number of PDF Handouts that students will need to print themselves. You can find the PDFs in this google folder.