This studio course covers the process of design, patterning and construction garments or other wearable items – to support creating experimental pieces for the body. The course offers a foundation in the fundamentals of flat patterning, common sewing construction, alterations, and fitting methods. Students produce multiple samples that stress the importance of proper fit and craftsmanship. Using pattern drafting methods, students develop a basic muslin pattern – a “sloper” – that they learn to manipulate to create multiple designs. The class utilizes a variety of materials to build concept and execution, such as paper, muslin, second hand clothing, and fabric off the bolt. The culminating project is creating an experimental garment or other item for the body.


  • Develop skills for conceptualizing, designing, flat patterning, and constructing garments or other wearable items.
  • Construct multiple skill-based samples and a finished experimental wearable item or garment.
  • Build a knowledge base of wearable-based works through identifying and presenting about garments, costumes, performance art, fashion, and wearable technology.
  • Reflect upon and think critically about garments, fashion, and culture as expressed through wearable items.
  • Contribute to a critique environment with open responses, constructive criticism, and positive feedback.
  • Document and reflect upon your process and finished assignments.