March 3 – Class 10



  • Sewing will begin March 8… that Monday, March 8 will be just for students who are beginners or want to attend to learn how to use the IDeATe sewing machine they are borrowing. Wednesday, 3/10 will be for everyone. There will be three “tracks” people can choose for their learning: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. My teaching that both days will be focused on the beginners. Intermediate and Advanced will have pre-recorded videos to guide you through the techniques.
  • Picking up a sewing machine: You can pick up a sewing machine beginning on Wednesday, March 3 from A9 (remember Hunt is closed over the weekend).

  • Soft Technologies Office Hours with Chris Atkeson, Melisa Orta Martinez, and Olivia Robinson: Wednesdays, 7-8pm at this zoom link
  • Office Hours scheduler (link also on website front page, syllabus page)

Large Scale Sloper Blocks

Full Scale Block Slopers Slideshow

Follow-Along Demonstrations

Drafting the Sleeve Block Sloper

Drafting the Basic Trouser Block Sloper (front & back)

Drafting the Bodice Block Sloper


Sloper Blocks

Book: Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear 6th edition by Winifred Aldrich (digital copy) from Hunt Library.

Book: Metric Pattern Cutting for Men’s Wear 6th edition by Winifred Aldrich (digital copy) from Hunt Library.


Reference Book: Sewing for the Apparel Industry by Claire Shaeffer (Available online through Hunt Library).


The following are due by the beginning of class, Mon., Mar. 8:

  1. Complete the 1/4 scale bodice, sleeve, and trouser blocks (front & back).
  2. Draft full size bodice & sleeve blocks.
  3. Create a blog post to the class website with images of your full size bodice & sleeve blocks, as well as any new or remade 1/4 scale sloper blocks. Categorize this post under “Sloper Blocks” (listed within Gallery).
  4. Bring to both classes next week: