Feb. 3 – Class 2


  • Welcome
  • Students Share: In the World – Inspiring Garment-Based Work
  • Break: Find a garment with a fabric you want to learn more about
  • Activity: Fabric Types + Research
  • Share out from Activity
  • Homework
  • Exit Ticket

**Bonus if we have time: Documenting Work discussion + Slideshow

In Class Activity:

You will be in a pair for this activity.

Create a type blog post about a fabric you have found in your wardrobe (i.e. within your closet, chest of drawers, etc).

  • Include 2 pictures of the fabric from your wardrobe (1 close up & 1 of the whole garment)
  • Include pictures and names of 3-5 other types of garments that also use the same kind of fabric. (The pictures can be found on the web.)
  • Include a link to one article or book chapter in the Berg Fashion Library that relates to your fabric, is about cultural topics, and looks interesting to you. (Make sure to write the name of the article & author)
  • Write the most striking or useful information that would be found on a Fabric Savvy entry (consult Fabric Savvy book).
  • Categorize it within the class website as “Fabric Types” (under Sample Book).
  • **Bonus (if you have time)**: Write a sentence or two about when it was invented, why it was invented, and how it was first used.


The following are due by the beginning of class, Monday, Feb. 8:

  1. Print & Cut-Out the quarter-scale sloper patterns on this PDF
  2. Print out 30 copies of Scale Template Manipulation PDF
  3. Create a blog post about an article (or book chapter) that you found on the Berg Fashion Library about a cultural aspect of garments that perks your interest. (Focus on a cultural aspect rather than an aspect about how to make a garment.)
    • Write a paragraph summarizing the article
    • Write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting on your thoughts about the article.
    • Include a link to and the name of the article (or book chapter).
    • Categorize your blog post under “In the World”