Feb. 10 – Class 4


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**Bonus if we have time: Documenting Work discussion + Slideshow



  • Monday, Feb. 15 everyone will need a partner in person during class for taking measurements and making the DIY Dress Form
  • You will need the following items for class: duct tape, tee shirt, 2 print outs of Measurement Chart, flexible measuring tape, scissors, sharpie, pencil, notebook
  • Office Hours scheduler (link also on website front page, syllabus page)

Slopers to New Patterns – Examples


The following are due by the beginning of class, Mon. Feb. 15:

  1. Reminders for next class:
    1. Bring a friend from your quarantine pod to class with you for taking measurements and making the DIY Dress Form. They can be your fit model or they can be the person who takes your measurements if you are your own fit model.
    2. Bring the following materials: duct tape, tee shirt, flexible measuring tape, scissors, sharpie, pencil, notebook
  2. Print 2 copies of the Measurement Chart
  3. Create a folder for yourself with your full name in this google drive location (only accessible with your andrew ID)
  4. Complete all the following small Template Manipulations, scan, and upload to your google folder you just made.
    1. Patterns we did together in class 2/8:
      1. Princess seams
      2. Bishop Sleeves
      3. Wide Leg Pants
      4. Complex Style Lines Skirt
      5. Curved Princess Seams
      6. Dartless Shirt
      7. Fit & Flare Skirt
      8. Peg Top Skirt
      9. Six Panel Skirt
      10. Gather at Center Front Shirt
      11. Diamond Inset
      12. Center (T-shaped) Dart Blouse
    2. Patterns we did together in class 2/10:
      1. Adding pleat, no change to hem – pants
      2. Adding pleat all the way to hem – pants
      3. Jumpsuit
      4. Asymmetrical Curved Dartline
      5. Flutter Sleeves
      6. Bib Front Shirt
      7. Overlapping Shoulder
      8. Grown On Lapel
      9. Panel Dress with Vienna-line Shaping
      10. Lantern Dress
    3. Complete Template Manipulation worksheets for 5 patterns of your choice from the examples below. You will find images for these starting on slide 54 on the Slopers to New Patterns slideshow (same slide as the others images).
      1. Gathered Curve CF Shirt
      2. Center Hole Gather
      3. Cape
      4. Raglan Sleeves
      5. Pleated Raglan Sleeve
      6. Mutton Sleeves
      7. Hammer Pants
      8. Peter Pan Collar
      9. Integrated Scarf Blouse
      10. Cowl Bodice – Drape from Shoulder
      11. Criss-Cross Blouse
      12. Thatch Front Blouse
      13. Dress with Contrast Rever lapel
      14. Balloon skirt
      15. Side Hip Darts Skirt