March 24 – Class 16


In-Class Demonstrations

Fitting Demonstrations with Kelly Gualtieri

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Reference book: First time garment fitting : the absolute beginner’s guide by Sarah Veblen (Available online through Hunt Library).

Sewing Machine Manuals

Sewing Book

Reference Book: Sewing for the Apparel Industry by Claire Shaeffer (Available online through Hunt Library).


The following are due by the beginning of class, Mon., Mar. 29:

  1. Make the adjustments to your muslin sloper that were suggested in class during your fitting. This will may mean taking out stitches, re-patterning elements, sewing it up again, etc. Continue to make further adjustments until your sloper fits well to your fit model’s body.
  2. Document the muslin sloper on your fit model once it is fully adjusted. Take photographs from all sides and in good lighting with as little background distractions as possible. This will be how we will look at the sloper on Monday (rather than live on the fit model).
  3. Create a blog post to our class website with the images and a written paragraph about the fitting process and adjustments you did. (Reminder: you are welcome to make your post private so no one outside of class can see your post if you choose.)
  4. Bring to next class:
    • Your revised muslin slopers
    • general ideas of a garment or garment direction you would like to construct
    • an actual garment that you own that you really like