Full Garment Final – Sarah Xi

I’ve always wanted to make a skirt, and so I thought this was so fun and satisfying to make (especially when hemming and adding waistband).

Since I wanted it to feel more ‘casual’, I wanted to add a gap/slit so the shorts can peek through in the original plan. This was my first time making a pleated skirt and I underestimated how much fabric I really needed so I had to refold the pleats a bit to make it feel more natural. Even though the fabric didn’t turn out to be as flowy as I wanted, I’m happy that ironing out the pleats more made it look nicer (it used to balloon a bit). The school girl pleated skirt look also turned out nicer than I thought (although it strayed a bit from the original intention). I also liked how the waistband turned out. I think if I were to make this again, I’d definitely opt for bigger buttons and maybe use white thread to add some accent some hemlines to match the white zipper.

Future Direction:
I definitely want to try make another pleated skirt with a more thinner, flowy material! Hopefully the pleats won’t be as harsh, but I definitely like the idea of creating more clothing that’d I wear casually.

Also, I have a couple process pictures here:

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Update – Sarah Xi

I just drew the slopers of my shorts and I’m going to cut it out and make a quick mock up to see how it fits lengthwise. I wrote out the order of steps in making the skirt and shorts as well.
The fabric I ordered also finally arrived! I couldn’t do as much as I wanted over the weekend as I was trying to catch up on sewing samples (which I’m pretty much done with) and other deadlines.

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Adjusted Slopers pt. II – Sarah Xi

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I finally finished adjusting my slopers! Here are some changes from last time:

  • Brought the armscye down by a lot so it was less tight
  • Opened up the top part of sleeve since I took in 1 cm from center last time it was too tight all the way through.
  • Leveled the bodice at the bottom (waist line) (I realize now that I took the pictures before I trimmed it)
  • Tucked in 6cm from hip horizontally so waist to crotch length is shortened.

I almost done ripping the seams out of everything so the new sloper paper templates are coming soon.

Sewing Samples 3 – Sarah Xi

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(I think I did the hem with seam binding wrong)

Full Garment – Sarah Xi

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I originally just wanted to make a skirt (layered w shorts for the knee length one), but I was worried that it wasn’t ‘complex’ enough so I’m interested in adding pockets. The colors are just temporary fill in, no idea what patterns I might use. For the top, I kind of made it up on my own and I miiiiiight not make it. But also, I feel like the top might look better on paper than made in real life haha. I was also considering an oversized layered button down, kind of like one of the images I used as inspiration.

Adjusted Slopers – Sarah Xi

Adjustments: Bodice
– Moved shoulder point forward
– Lowered bust dart point
– Took in the sides a bit.
– Sewed in half a cm of on center top of sleeve (might adjust because it turned out too tight)
– Brought down armscye, but might need to do that more since it’s still kind of tight.
– Still need to level the bottom of the bodice front to back.

– Took in 6cm from the sides (was way too big before)
– Was going to take in 3 cm around the hip horizontally (already marked), but wasn’t sure how to go about it just yet.