full garment update – lee

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finally fitted the high waist — pretty successful

need to refine the backside, as there is bunching underneath the bottom and also around the back thigh

next is to add side seam pockets and slight flaring at the bottom

Progress Update 2 – Sophia Huang

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Before I was trying to make sleeves that don’t wrap around the entire arm. However, there was always extra fabric at the end of the sleeves. I decided to adjust the slopers so that the sleeves would wrap around (like in this picture). I also tested out how I would do the blind hem stitch.

The next step is to fit the garment again and take note of small details that I would take into account when sewing the final garment. I will then use a marker to draw over all the final stitches so that when I take the mock-up apart, I would know which lines to follow.