Full Garment Final – Sarah Xi

I’ve always wanted to make a skirt, and so I thought this was so fun and satisfying to make (especially when hemming and adding waistband).

Since I wanted it to feel more ‘casual’, I wanted to add a gap/slit so the shorts can peek through in the original plan. This was my first time making a pleated skirt and I underestimated how much fabric I really needed so I had to refold the pleats a bit to make it feel more natural. Even though the fabric didn’t turn out to be as flowy as I wanted, I’m happy that ironing out the pleats more made it look nicer (it used to balloon a bit). The school girl pleated skirt look also turned out nicer than I thought (although it strayed a bit from the original intention). I also liked how the waistband turned out. I think if I were to make this again, I’d definitely opt for bigger buttons and maybe use white thread to add some accent some hemlines to match the white zipper.

Future Direction:
I definitely want to try make another pleated skirt with a more thinner, flowy material! Hopefully the pleats won’t be as harsh, but I definitely like the idea of creating more clothing that’d I wear casually.

Also, I have a couple process pictures here:

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