Gay Stuntwear Unlocked

I have done it! Here are the pants I wanted to wear and didn’t want to buy. I’m happy with how the heart cutouts hang. I have not added the buttons to them since they have not come in yet so i sewed a hook and eye below where the buttons will be.

Experience: AAAAAH this took so much time! I really loved doing this project but felt like I rushed a bit towards the end. I’m still very pleased with it moving forward.

Successes: It fits! The pockets work! The waistband can hold my belt, and I can crouch in these pants.

Mistakes: Hemming was a nightmare, and tailoring the canvas copy made me want to die because of how thicccccck the fabric was. Also finishing the seam was gross BUT my legs seams are finished

Future direction: I loved making these pants, and would love to make pants again.

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