Looking Outwards-Hannah K-04

The work I looked at this week is called Six Drawings, which is a joint collaborative effort between Maotik (generative visuals artist), Diego Espinosa (performer/composer), and David Adamcyk (composer). I was especially fascinated by this work because it creates an environment where it feels like one in inside a balloon. It was visually pleasing and a totally immersive experience. The audiovisual nature of this work made it especially powerful, and I would have liked to experience it in person.

It was presented as an instrumental audiovisual performance in May 2014 at Société des Arts Technologiques in Montreal during the IX Symposium. This project works by Diego Espinosa, the performer, controlling a custom made rubber orb (which looks like a balloon) to act as an all-powerful controller for the installation. The rubber orb was connected to microphones, sensors, and a computer which was running Max multimedia software. The orb also controlled the lights and the aural vibrations coming from the speakers. By using a program called TouchDesigner, Maotik was able to use the audio data to generate 3D visuals.

While I was able to gather information on the kinds of software that were used, there was little information available about what the actual creative process entailed.

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