//Garrett Rauck
//Section C

var canvasWidth, canvasHeight, cx, cy, margin
var xm, xy; //constrained mouseX and mouseY\
var bgColor, nColor, hColor; //background, normal, and highlight colors

var r0, theta0; //initial values for recursive spiral

function drawSpiralArt(r, theta) {
	//mouseX controls amount by which spiral lines are decimating
	//in length with each recursive call
	var reductionFactor = map(xm,0,canvasWidth,0,1);
	//mouseY controls rotational increment between strings in the
	//spiral. Varying this by numbers which are not factors of 2*pi
	//leads to different types of spirals. 
	var angleIncrement = int(map(xy, 0, canvasHeight, 1, 10));
	//get spiral points per call
	var p1x = cx + r*sin(theta);
	var p1y = cy + r*cos(theta);
	var p2x = cx - r*sin(theta);
	var p2y = cy - r*cos(theta);
	//draw grey strings
	line(0, 0, p1x, p1y); //top left to p1
	line(canvasWidth, 0, p1x, p1y); //top right to p1
	line(0, canvasHeight, p1x, p1y); //bottom left to p1
	line(canvasWidth, canvasHeight, p1x, p1y); //bottom right to p1
	line(0, 0, p2x, p2y); //top left to p2
	line(canvasWidth, 0, p2x, p2y); //top right to p2
	line(0, canvasHeight, p2x, p2y); //bottom left to p2
	line(canvasWidth, canvasHeight, p2x, p2y); //bottom right to p2
	//draw main strings; 
	line(p1x, p1y, p2x, p2y); //through center (core of spiral)

	//recursive call until base case is met
	if (r > 1) {
		drawSpiralArt(r*reductionFactor, theta + angleIncrement);

// RUN!
function setup() {
    //init canvas vars
    canvasWidth = 640;
    canvasHeight = 480;
    cx = canvasWidth/2;
    cy = canvasHeight/2;
    margin = 30;
    //init color vars
    bgColor = color(255); //white
    nColor = color(136,136,136,35); //grey, semitransparent
    hColor = color(255,0,136); //fucia
    //init spiral vars
    r0 = canvasWidth/2
    theta0 = HALF_PI;
    //init canvas
    createCanvas(canvasWidth, canvasHeight);

function draw() {
	//recalculate mouseX, mouseY with constraints
	xm = constrain(mouseX, margin, canvasWidth-margin);
    xy = constrain(mouseY, margin, canvasHeight-margin);
    //draw spiral
	drawSpiralArt(r0, theta0);

I wanted to use trigonometry to create a series of points predicated on circular geometry and then connect the points to various other points across the canvas. I ended up using recursion to generate a central spiral. I then used the mouse position to control the degree to which the length of strings in the spiral decimates (the rate at which the strings spiral towards the center) and to control the rotational rate of the strings in the spiral, so that spirals of various character could be created.

Early sketches showing ideas relating to circular arrays of points.



Later sketch focusing on spiral series generated from recursive rules.


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