Looking Outwards 12: Project Priors and Precursors

There are two inspirations for my project. The first is one of my favorite game apps from 2010, Tilt to Live, and the second is a visualization of immigration lobbies.

Tilt to Live

The game app Tilt to Live, developed by One Man Left Studios, is a survival game in which the user tilts their phone to move a cursor around the screen. The objective is to avoid the continual appearance of red particles that are attracted to the cursor and will end the game if the two make contact. To slow the steady barrage of red particles, the cursor can pick up various power-ups that destroy particles. I am considering a recreation of a similar type of game. I am considering adding more physical and mutual interactions to the particles. I might use a similar concept to drive an interactive mouse display instead as a game might be difficult, but the idea could use some exploration.


Untangling the webs

This visual is Untangling the Webs of Immigration Lobbies with an unknown creator. I think that this type of grouping and relating might be a good approach to redesign the game. I like how there are distinct differences and a strong set of rules governing the relationship of the particles. I want to keep this kind of idea in mind when I create my particle game/interaction. While I design my game, I want to keep in mind what the particles represent. As in the case with this project, there is a meaning behind every particle. Perhaps I can do something similar in my project.

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