For my final project I’d like to create visual software that responds to music and could be used as background visuals for performance.

I would like my final project to be something that through mouse control by the VJ or whoever was the controller, you could create new shapes appear or cause the visuals to change and to move in a different direction. I’d like to play with multiple colors and spaces and watching movement move in and out of view.

The sensation I’m looking to create is that of looking out of a window. The visuals go by and the backgrounds and visuals change when the user clicks mousePressed. A few of the visuals I want to create are clouds passing by that when clicked change shape into water that then blends together and then when clicked again can become mountain ranges. These are just starter ideas and I’m sure as I progress I will come up with more as things continue. img_1564

012-Looking Outwards

The two artists I’m using as inspiration for my final project are Kynd and Luke Twyman.

Kynd’s “At First” are vivid watercolor visuals that they created for a VJ set for the musician Yaporigami. The visuals interact with the music to create beautiful painterly strokes that consume the and transform within the space. I love the feeling of the visuals and the way they move within their constraints and interact with the music.

The other piece is Luke Ywyman’s interactive design for the Helios’ album “Yume”. This interactive design is interesting to me because it gives the viewer the ability to interact both sonically and visually with the work and therefore feel they are also contributing and adding to it.

For my final project, I’d like to create an audiovisual performance instrument so both of these are good examples to draw from in terms of thinking about how I will manifest my own audio visual program.

011-Looking Outwards

Ian Chang’s “Spiritual Leader” is an interesting sound art/music project because he uses both mechanical drum sounds as well as human produced drum sounds to create a percussive piece where the mechanical and human sounds blend together. This creates an effect where sonically it can be unclear what is the computer and what is Ian.

The collaboration of Chang with Endless Endless is a video where they created a light projection installation based off of the drum beats that shines different lights and projections on to Chang as he plays the drums. This creates an environment that is simultaneously sonically and visually percussive. The effect is interesting and I found really successful because while the human and mechanical sounds are blending, the lights only turn on through the human interaction that creates the beats. You can really feel the presence of the artist, although the environment and many of the sounds are produced by a computer.


jmmedenb-Project 11


//Jessica Medenbach
//Section C 1:30PM
//Assignment 011-C

var turtles = [];
var heart;
function setup() {
    var colors =[ color(113, 222, 241),
        color(175, 230, 51), color(183, 140, 255), color(150,20,150)];

    createCanvas(550, 550);

    for(i = 0; i < colors.length; i++){ // creates multiple turtles
        var turt = makeTurtle(325,400);

function draw() {
   var heart =makeTurtle(325,100);

   for (b=0; b<width;b++){


    for(i = 0; i < turtles.length; i++){
        //if(turtles[i].distanceTo(300, 300) > 300){
            //turtles[i].goto(300, 300);

        for(m = 0; m < turtles.length; m++){

         for(x = 0; x < turtles.length; x++){


function turtleLeft(d){this.angle-=d;}function turtleRight(d){this.angle+=d;}
function turtleForward(p){var rad=radians(this.angle);var newx=this.x+cos(rad)*p;
var newy=this.y+sin(rad)*p;this.goto(newx,newy);}function turtleBack(p){
this.forward(-p);}function turtlePenDown(){this.penIsDown=true;}
function turtlePenUp(){this.penIsDown = false;}function turtleGoTo(x,y){
line(this.x,this.y,x,y);}this.x = x;this.y = y;}function turtleDistTo(x,y){
return sqrt(sq(this.x-x)+sq(this.y-y));}function turtleAngleTo(x,y){
var absAngle=degrees(atan2(y-this.y,x-this.x));
var angle=((absAngle-this.angle)+360)%360.0;return angle;}
function turtleTurnToward(x,y,d){var angle = this.angleTo(x,y);if(angle< 180){
this.angle+=d;}else{this.angle-=d;}}function turtleSetColor(c){this.color=c;}
function turtleSetWeight(w){this.weight=w;}function turtleFace(angle){
this.angle = angle;}function makeTurtle(tx,ty){var turtle={x:tx,y:ty,
right:turtleRight,forward:turtleForward, back:turtleBack,penDown:turtlePenDown,
penUp:turtlePenUp,goto:turtleGoTo, angleto:turtleAngleTo,
turnToward:turtleTurnToward,distanceTo:turtleDistTo, angleTo:turtleAngleTo,
setColor:turtleSetColor, setWeight:turtleSetWeight,face:turtleFace};
return turtle;}

For this project, I wanted to experiment with using turtles and colors as well as geometric shapes. I liked creating a more rigid grey geometric shape with movement and color within it.

looking outwards 12

The first project that influenced the design of my final project is the Trippy H music generator. Trippy H was a minigame that came with the original gameboy camera, and it allowed players to create their own music using a rudimentary synthesizer.

I admire this project for its simplicity but also its versatility. The visual and functional design of this program inspired a lot of my project proposal.

another piece that inspired my project, is this example of early electronic music, by Jean Jacques Perrey.

i love the chirpy sounds on this record, and how innovative it was. this album and song came out in 1968, and a lot of interesting techniques and it pioneered lots of interesting electronic musical techniques and styles. This record has the sound profile that I want to emulate in my project.


Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I am planning to make an interactive animation that tells a story of a character traveling along the streets in a neighborhood. On his journey(his x,y positions), he may encounter other characters or be involved in some incidents. The neighborhood will be axonometric in a bird eye view. To make it interactive, I am thinking of using mouse clicks to create random incidents, for instance, the time(day or night), or the direction of him walking.img_4515

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I want to create a sequencer in p5 js. A sequencer is basically a device that stores and plays a sequence of notes or sounds. My basic idea right now is to have different kinds of sound waves that the user can choose to turn on or off at different times, and to have the user be able to control the pitch of the sound, and the speed of the sequence.


Denise Jiang – Looking Outwards 12

Interactive animation: Starry Night by Petros Vrellis 2011

Animation:The Seed by Johnny Kelly

I found these two interesting animations on Vimeo. The first one, interactive Starry Night has the stars moving according to the brush strokes. Also, the flow and the music responds to finger touches on a screen. It is creative because the animation itself is telling a story which a drawing cannot. It is dynamic and fun. In addition, the interaction allows the user to “interrupt” and take control of the story, making a personalized “Starry Night”. The second project, The seed, is an animation that uses simple geometry and some stop motion art on paper. It tells a story of an apple seed travelling and growing. The second project is not interactive, but it has multiple scenes with the main object as a center focus. I am interested in both of them, and I am going to make an interactive animation using simple geometries and try to tell a story with several scenes.

final project proposal

For the final project, i was inspired to explore the possibility in the sound visualization area and I beginning think of making sound graphic animation interact with sound track which sound be project into different architectural space to receive different effects.
I try to make the graphics radiator look, so it could fit different architectural space. The actual graphic still needs exploring and the final version would largely depend on the music track chose.


Hannah K-Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I hope to create a game.

In the game, there will be a cup that is controlled by the mouse, and there will be randomly generated elements (of espresso) dropping from the top of the screen. The player will have to move their mouse in order to catch these shots of espresso, and there will be some kind of counting mechanism. Depending on how many the player catches, there will be a different dialogue that is displayed to the user.

This is a picture of my idea: