For my final project I’d like to create visual software that responds to music and could be used as background visuals for performance.

I would like my final project to be something that through mouse control by the VJ or whoever was the controller, you could create new shapes appear or cause the visuals to change and to move in a different direction. I’d like to play with multiple colors and spaces and watching movement move in and out of view.

The sensation I’m looking to create is that of looking out of a window. The visuals go by and the backgrounds and visuals change when the user clicks mousePressed. A few of the visuals I want to create are clouds passing by that when clicked change shape into water that then blends together and then when clicked again can become mountain ranges. These are just starter ideas and I’m sure as I progress I will come up with more as things continue. img_1564

looking outwards 12

The first project that influenced the design of my final project is the Trippy H music generator. Trippy H was a minigame that came with the original gameboy camera, and it allowed players to create their own music using a rudimentary synthesizer.

I admire this project for its simplicity but also its versatility. The visual and functional design of this program inspired a lot of my project proposal.

another piece that inspired my project, is this example of early electronic music, by Jean Jacques Perrey.

i love the chirpy sounds on this record, and how innovative it was. this album and song came out in 1968, and a lot of interesting techniques and it pioneered lots of interesting electronic musical techniques and styles. This record has the sound profile that I want to emulate in my project.


Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I am planning to make an interactive animation that tells a story of a character traveling along the streets in a neighborhood. On his journey(his x,y positions), he may encounter other characters or be involved in some incidents. The neighborhood will be axonometric in a bird eye view. To make it interactive, I am thinking of using mouse clicks to create random incidents, for instance, the time(day or night), or the direction of him walking.img_4515

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I want to create a sequencer in p5 js. A sequencer is basically a device that stores and plays a sequence of notes or sounds. My basic idea right now is to have different kinds of sound waves that the user can choose to turn on or off at different times, and to have the user be able to control the pitch of the sound, and the speed of the sequence.


final project proposal

For the final project, i was inspired to explore the possibility in the sound visualization area and I beginning think of making sound graphic animation interact with sound track which sound be project into different architectural space to receive different effects.
I try to make the graphics radiator look, so it could fit different architectural space. The actual graphic still needs exploring and the final version would largely depend on the music track chose.


Hannah K-Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I hope to create a game.

In the game, there will be a cup that is controlled by the mouse, and there will be randomly generated elements (of espresso) dropping from the top of the screen. The player will have to move their mouse in order to catch these shots of espresso, and there will be some kind of counting mechanism. Depending on how many the player catches, there will be a different dialogue that is displayed to the user.

This is a picture of my idea:



For my final project I would like to create an animation that first draws itself, then tells a story or narrative. I would like to use elements of a drawing feature to incorporate forms of interaction for the user. I think the story would include sounds and possibly a narration. I think it would be extremely short and comical. At the end I hope to make it an audiovisual interactive piece.

For images of the animation, I will take a simplistic approach to match my artistic capabilities. Much like the walking man animation that we have used for homework, I will be drawing my own stick figures to be persons in this story. I will try to create an interactive environment for the persons in my story. I think that I can create the ability for users to draw pieces of the environment for the characters in my animations to interact with. 20161118_234818

Final Project Proposal


For my final project, I would like to create a little, simple game involving two characters from some TV shows I used to and sometimes watch. I want to create a game that requires players to tap their respective keys ( Key Press A and Key Press L) as fast as they can in order to win. As they press their keys, a level bar will start to fill up. Once this bar is full, the player will see their character attack the other which symbolizes the end of the game. The reason why I want to do this is because I really enjoy making short animations and I think it would be cool to match up the two characters (Naruto and Goku) that are always being compared to each other. If this project goes the way I envision it, then I will be very pleased and can always have a little game to show people that I created. The project would include sound, turtles?, and perhaps a moving background with clouds.

Final Project Proposal

I’d like to do a final project that is an interactive story. I’m a creative writing major with a background in fine arts so I’d like to take a story of mine and then make it into an interactive experience using some sketches of mine and incorporating the whole thing into an interactive program. For example, when the right side of the screen is clicked the scene would change like the flipping of a book page. Similarly when the left side of the screen is clicked the scene would change back to the previous page. Within each screen the text of the story of the scene would be displayed and then the various elements within each screen would be interactive. For example, if a character moves in the text then the character could be dragged by the mouse from one location to another. I haven’t worked out which story I am going to use or if I’m going to use one already existing and the amount of text per page yet, but I’m hoping that it will have maybe a fairytale book feel to it.



Noise Turbulence Doodles by Raven Kwok is a fun interactive piece that allows the user to draw generative patterns. I really like this piece because of its fluidity and randomness. I think Kwok could have taken this a step further by allowing the user to decide what direction the generative art could go (since it goes to the upper right corner at the moment.

Emoji Portraits by Yung Jake uses simple emoji’s to create portraits of well known figures by using I really like that Jake uses very common images to construct his portraits. I think that these pieces could be improved if they were interactive and showed Jakes drawing process.

I think for my final project I would like to incorporate elements of the two pieces by ensuring that my project is both interactive, and utilizes very recognizable images. I think this could be done creating a drawing tool for people who like to see images unravel before their eyes.