Shannon Case – Looking Outwards Week 10

This week I would like to discuss a project by Stacey Mulcahy. She has taught at both in academic programs such as the Interactive Multimedia Program at Algonquin College and the BIT program at Carleton, as well as taught workshops in the industry. She is interested in coding and physical computing.

This is a view of the lights attached to the heart

In a 2014 project called “TweetHeart“, she created a big light up heart that was connected to her Twitter account. She wanted to create something that made a more physical representation of the “love” she was feeling when she got likes and shares on her posts. I like this project because it was really inspiring for me to see her working with all the different elements of the project herself. She did everything from learning how to use a laser cutter to build the box to putting together the lights to coding the actual program. I found this really inspiring to see her doing all the work by herself.

Here is a video of the project in action

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