Yael Braha is a creative director from Rome, Italy, currently working for a design firm called Moment factory. She is involved in a wide range of artworks whether they involve computation or not, and her work is displayed world wide.Her works include big scale installations, film art, sculptures, paintings, graphics. Braha has been exploring the extent of art as means of communication and interaction, especially with the aid of computation.
This project installed in California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is called “Animal Race.” It is an interactive installation that gets users to take a short race with an animal of their choice. The way it works is once the user chooses which animal to race, it will automatically compare it with the speed of the user and represent the result in graphics. It also shows a representation of compiled result of the races conducted for each animal.
This is a nice project for the museum that can bring people to get involved in learning experience, whereas traditional museum was focused on passive viewer stance. It presents a possible way for interactive learning that other museums can adopt.



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