week03- Computational Fabrication

This picture is one from Iris Van Herpen’s fashion show.
Here is her website: https://www.irisvanherpen.com/

For a long time, fashion society is talking about modernity. When fine art has gone a long way explaining what is modernity, fashion professionals are still repeating themselves in some way.

Iris’s work and presentation is really eye opening. I doubt she uses a lot computational automation, but I think she uses a lot 3d and 3d printing in her work. Also, as far as I know, she uses a lot new fabrication materials and laser cutting technology.

I can not say for sure how she design her work, whether she did them all in 3d, or she uses automation to generate some basic variations of shapes them cut them into a real clothes piece. If I were her, I would use length, width, curve, size , and rotation to generate basic shapes.

The link I add below is her SS 2020 Haute Couture show. In the recent work, she uses more soft fabrications than, in her middle stage, hard and 3d printing-ish materials. She advances more in her design taste and also at the same time remains her pioneering spirit.

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